Averno with english subtitles

Averno (with english subtitles)

17:30 /Bs. 30

Synopsis / Plot

Averno, a place where the Andean inhabitants believe that the dead coexist with the living and where everything finds its opposite face. Many have heard of it but very few have seen it; Tupah, a young shoe shiner must find it to rescue his uncle.

Year 2018

Running time 87 min.

Country Bolivia

Director Marcos Loayza

Screenwriter Marcos Loayza

Music Federico Pereira, Gabriel Estrada

Cinematography Nelson Wainstein

Cast Paolo Vargas,  Leonel Fransezze,  Fred Nuñez,  Patricia García,  Adolfo Paco, Sidney Sanchez,  Franco Miranda,  Raúl Beltrán,  Rosa Ríos,  Miguel Ángel Estellano, Álvaro Gonzáles,  Percy Jimenez,  Luigi Antezana,  Freddy Chipana, Alejandro Marañon

Producer Alma Films. Producer: Santiago Loayza

Genre Comedy. Fantasy