Time  After Time  Capsule

Time  After Time  Capsule es un proyecto de arte que invita al público a contribuir con objetos personales queridos para llenar 10 esculturas traslúcidas que viajarán alrededor del mundo. 

En este evento el señor Sebastián Masuda dará una conferencia sobre como surgió la cultura “Kawaii” en Harajuku y se extendió por todo el mundo. También puede unirse a este taller, escribiendo uno mismo una carta al futuro, decorada con materiales “Kawaii” y la pone en la cápsula del tiempo que se mostrará al público en los Juegos Olímpicos de Tokio 2020. Todos los eventos están abiertos al público de forma gratuita.

Fecha: Sábado 13 de enero de 2018

Conferencia: 1.00pm a 2.30 pm

Taller 2.30 pm a 5.00 pm

Lugar: Cinemateca Boliviana (Sala Luis Bazoberry)


Time  After Time  Capsule

                                                                   Sebastian Masuda


“All of us have our own small universe made up of our favorite things or colors. I wish for you to stand up for what you love by participating at this art project. Let’s show the world how the unity of everyone’s small universe can change the view of the world.” — Sebastian Masuda


Multitalented artist Sebastian Masuda (1970, Japan) plans to undertake an ambitious participatory project “Time After Time Capsule” in a number of cities across the world in the next five years. This project will culminate in 2020, the year   of the Tokyo Olympics, at which time all the time capsules filled with personal objects in each city will be joined together in Tokyo and installed as a sculptural intervention displayed in a public space.


Each time capsules will be sent back to the each cities in 2035, and the ceremony to open the time capsule will be held with the participants.

Time After Time Capsule has three elements that the project brings to the audience:1) Exhibiting the sculpture, 2) Workshop, 3) Time capsule event to put the participants’ item into the time capsule.


  1. Community Participation

The Time After Time Capsule project is not just an art installation to be viewed, but it welcomes direct participation of various communities in all over the world in the process of making. A variety of workshops for both children and adults can be held in the area. This participatory aspect of the project will open a new page in the history of each communities’ cultural engagement.


  1. A Project for People of All Cultures and Ages

Appreciating cultural and ethnic diversity, the Time After Time Capsule project is open for participation by anyone. The project is particularly kids-friendly as it hopes for them to have a hands-on experience in art-making, which they can, in turn, share with others.


  1. A Global Project

The Time After Time Capsule project will travel to 10 cities by 2020. Participants in this series of project will help deliver the message of the importance of shared experience and caring for others. Together, a series of time capsules and project participants will show the importance of cultural diversity and globalism that exists now.



http://m-sebas.com      hcps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUfW7RPFonk